Though I would add application of a sealant and then a top of either crystal coat glaze or matte perfect paper adhesive, I haven’t decided if I want high gloss or matte look to the jewelery; this makes it more durable and water proof as well as adding a finished look.

Creative Mom and Kirigami

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Hello, I am a sort of new-to-homeschooling mother (a year and half doing this) who is trying to help make ends meet by having my own online shop and by doing contract work. We started last year because the local middle school got a new principal and the school (hopefully temporarily) went downhill fast. My daughter was extremely stressed and practically begging me to homeschool her. I had a part time contract job that paid well and offered me the opportunity to do this, so I did. I’m very thankful that I did because apparently the year before almost NOTHING stayed in her head from that year (the year part way through they got a new principal).

One of the things that I’ve been doing is trying to get this store off the ground. I am really good at finding rare interesting jewelry, and I enjoy making jewelry and art, so I thought; I’ll give it a go! I had for awhile done alright finding and selling video games online, but I like these things even more than games, and the games market got smaller.

Lately, I’ve really gotten into Krigami. I find it creative and relaxing. I investigated it because I saw that people were doing Origami jewelry and I found the pieces really interesting and creative. I started doing Origami again because of seeing these beautiful pieces, but I have mixed results from it. I seem to be better at Kirigami and there is almost no one making Kirigami jewelry!

The main two things I’m struggling with is finishing pieces, and balancing all these activities and work that I do. I joke that my brain is trying to kill me because I have so many ideas and projects going on right now. The reason I struggle with finishing the pieces is the part where I attach the jewels, chains etc, and take photographs is not as interesting to me and I struggle with the lighting because I don’t have a very good camera. I know not wanting to do the boring part is not very mature of me, but when one of the things you do to relax have fun is a type of work and you are this busy it’s hard to the boring parts. Anyway, I am getting over that immaturity, though I do have to say I have more to do than an organization expert said a person should have to do!

A Little About Me:


I'm the owner of the online store New Moon Wonders. I sell lots of things I find wondrous, in my store like vintage and antiques jewelry, kirigami accessories and origami accessories and jewelry that I make, and art that I make. I believe in the importance of creation and artistic endeavors for social growth and for self growth. I think it is important to appreciate the past and the past accomplishments and values as well as preserve those things. I believe that an appreciation for nature and beauty is important and that creating beautiful objects help increase that appreciation. I'm a home school mother who is trying to balance work and teaching. I believe that home school is one viable option for helping children grow and learn especially when the public schools are influenced by systems of oppression. I believe in the idea of public school, but sadly I know first hand that things the good teachers in the school system are up against and the harm that those things can do.

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