Collectible Jewelry (It’s a thing!)

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Collectible Jewelry

(It’s a thing!)

Here’s what you need to know

So what is collectible jewelry, exactly?

Collectible jewelry is exactly what you would guess it is, jewelry that you collect for the sake of collecting. You can collect by time period, by jewel type, by artist or company or really anything that catches your eye. Be you.

Be honest, this is a rich people thing, right?

Not at all! Of course the upper echelon has easier access to fine jewelry, Tiffanies collection anyone? But fashion and costume jewelry are much less costly to aquire. Fine Jewelry from 1940’s can range from a little about $100 to over $2000. Fashion jewelry from the seventies to nineties, however can be found for less than ten bucks. Then there is this gorgeous piece– a pair of 1940’s vintage gold and crystal earrings for just $15.00.

Is there actually a point to this?

Other than fulfilling a passion, making friends and having fascinating conversation pieces? You could buy to sell down the road if you have a knack for trends.

You got me, how do I get started?

You already have. Reading blogs, magazines and talking to people already in the business is a good way to start. Oh, you meant buying didn’t you? Of course you did. Auction houses, online sites and even garage sales can be a good start depending on what you’re looking for. People also drop gobs of old jewelry off at charity shops like St. Vincent de Paul’s when cleaning house or after a death. You have to be diligent there though, it goes fast. If you want to know more of what to look for check out our next blog on Five things to look for in Collectible Jewelry.

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I'm the owner of the online store New Moon Wonders. I sell lots of things I find wondrous, in my store like vintage and antiques jewelry, kirigami accessories and origami accessories and jewelry that I make, and art that I make. I believe in the importance of creation and artistic endeavors for social growth and for self growth. I think it is important to appreciate the past and the past accomplishments and values as well as preserve those things. I believe that an appreciation for nature and beauty is important and that creating beautiful objects help increase that appreciation. I'm a home school mother who is trying to balance work and teaching. I believe that home school is one viable option for helping children grow and learn especially when the public schools are influenced by systems of oppression. I believe in the idea of public school, but sadly I know first hand that things the good teachers in the school system are up against and the harm that those things can do.

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