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Sri Chinmoy

About OmissionStudios

How I began

Many years ago, long before I received my spiritual name, I had just begun embarking on spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy’s path as his devoted and sincere disciple. At 18, I was also just beginning to try to figure out what I was going to do with my life in terms of a career.

I knew that disciples of Sri Chinmoy manifest the Supreme’s Light as they develop spiritually by following their Master’s guidance and their aspiration. I decided that since I loved self-expression and various forms of art, a good way to manifest this Light might be through creating amazing and awesome designs while working as a graphic designer. This was the initial spark that eventually bloomed into what is now OmissionStudios Web Design and Business Services.

After many combined years of college education and working in the field of graphic design and web development, I registered the name OmissionStudios, a name with spiritual meaning, on 5 September 2017, with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies, and began the journey of my beloved company. (Of course, I had been dreaming it up in one way or another for almost 20 years.)

Who is Sri Chinmoy?

Sri Chinmoy (1931–2007) is a God-realized spiritual teacher and Master who came to the West from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in 1964 to serve aspiring seekers. At age 13, he became again conscious of his God-realization that he already had achieved in previous incarnations. He has about 7,000 disciples around the world and many admirers. From the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, he moved to the city of New York where he lived for the latter half of his life. In October 2007, Sri Chinmoy compassionately left the body to continue to serve aspiring seekers from the higher worlds.

Why the name OmissionStudios?

The name OmissionStudios was created by me, Mark D. English. It was derived from conjoining the words ‘AUM’ (also spelled ‘OM’) and ‘Mission’ together; a name, it turned out after some research, which was very original.

About the word AUM, Sri Chinmoy has this to say:

Question: I am curious about the meaning of these three letters which you pronounce “AUM.”

Sri Chinmoy: AUM is a Sanskrit syllable, or you can say, a complete word. We have, in India, the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva — the Creator, the Preserver and the Transformer. “A” represents Brahma, the Creator; “U” represents Vishnu, the Preserver; and “M” represents Shiva, the Transformer. AUM is the breath of the Supreme. The Indian sages, seers and Yogis of yore chanted AUM and they got their souls’ illumination and liberation. Even now, most of the seekers in India chant AUM most devotedly. They will achieve their realization by chanting AUM, the power infinite.

Therefore, the mission of OmissionStudios is to omit the world of crappiness by creating and preserving things that are awesome and transforming things that are not awesome.